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Young Ventures Ltd. - Outfitter & Guide
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ArtOfficial Influence & The A.I. Collective


The A.I. Collective was created with one set of core values:

Give Artists and Influencers a way to start their own online businesses and connect those opportunities to great causes. Empowering Artists, Influencers, and building community.  


There are plenty of ways to print products and we are linked to most of them.  

A.I. will help you design a small capsule collection of printable products. Tee Shirts, Tank Tops, Yoga Pants, Bags, etc.  We will be there help ensure you have the best designs, the highest resolution, and everything is ready for market.  

Imagine your brand idea, logo, favorite saying, favorite image, pattern, or picture translated into a product.  

A turn-key program that gives both artists and influencers a pathway to start an online business, make sales, and perpetuate good.  An opportunity to find footing in an ever-changing world and connect with a cause along the way. 

Your designs linked to a network of like-minded collections.  There is power in numbers and our goal is to give back whenever we can.  



It's really simple.  

  1. Sign up! for free on our Affiliate Page or contact us and we will help you set up your account.
  2. Design! Email us and Submit your original or inspired designs to be developed into your collection.  Once approved you can start promoting with your custom affiliate link -or- you can use your custom affiliate link to promote our partner collections.  Simply use the link generator to get your custom Affiliate links to promote.
  3. Promote! Ai is here to help in your success.  We can help you build custom Ads to promote your products or you can create your own.  Simply Attach your Affiliate Link to an image, custom ad, or social media post or you can send your link or ad directly via email to your friends, family, and clients.
  4. Get Paid! The process is automated through your affiliate account. You can track your sales and commissions and deposit your earnings the personal account of your choice.


The team at AI will manage everything else.  Finalizing orders, manufacturing, packing, shipping, and customer service.  Once the order is completed we pay you directly through your affiliate account.  



We are artists and influencers and know how hard it can be to start an online business and put the right affiliate deals together. We make a small percentage to manage the process and the rest goes to you and the charity you choose.  You never have to manage anything except what you do best.  Connecting and engaging with your network...after all, you are the influencers.



It all starts with a click. Follow the link below and sign up for the A.I. Collective.  This is your opportunity to start making money with your network